NFA Engraving


Laser Firearm Engraving

HTA has a state of the art laser engraving machine for your NFA items. Our machine is specialized for firearm engraving – we can typically take care of the SBR engraving without stripping the gun down.

Why is SBR engraving important?

The BATFE requires all SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs to be engraved with the manufacturers name, city, and state. The engraving need to be at least .062 tall and .003 deep.


We ask that you strip the firearm as much as possible to help save on shipping costs and disassembly/reassembly time.  Depending on what we are engraving and where you want it done, make sure that all parts blocking the area you want to be engraved are removed.  For AR’s please remove the takedown and pivot pin if possible.  If you have very specific requests please mark them with masking tape on the receiver and notate them in letter or order notes.  We can use different fonts if they are available, please specify in advance if you want a specific font.  Additional charges may apply for firearms that require additional disassembly or are larger than standard and require additional shipping charges.


Under normal circumstances, the turnaround time on simple, straightforward jobs of small scale is generally 24 hours; however, the actual job time will be estimated at time of receipt.  Completion time is also dependent on time of day product is received and workflow already in queue at that time.

Within reason, projects can be expedited beyond normal times for an additional time charge, which will be quoted at time of request, depending on requirements.

Please down load this FORM and fill it out with as much detail as possible. Please ensure all spelling is correct and legible as we can only engrave what is given to us and will not refund any work that is not accurate.




Refunds and exchanges:

Because all items are custom engraved, there are no refunds or exchanges on these items except in two specific cases:
1. Production has not yet begun (your order has not begun to be personalized, engraved, or shipped yet).
2. HTA did not accurately engrave the information that you submitted via the engraving form submitted with the item to be engraved.

Design Policy:

A. Customers are responsible for the information given for an order (via our download form sent with the item).
B. Information will be copied from the order and placed into the HTA design template.
– This includes spelling and capitalization.
– HTA reserves the right to modify these policies at any time.