Rail Installation


Rail Installation

An MP5 can be retrofitted with an optics rail which sits above the ejection port. (Not to be confused with “claw mounts” which have a QD lever and sit way above the receiver) This optic rail is welded in place by our master gunsmiths. A slot is cut into the rail itself to keep your serial number and model exposed. Your firearm will then need to be refinished. You can opt to have it done yourself or include it in our service.

Can I ship the gun directly to HITEC ARMS?:

  • Yes it’s considered gunsmithing that does not require FFL to FFL. Check your local laws to be sure.

BEFORE shipping to us please fill out a work order (Download Here):

Price for Rail weld: $275.00 Sale: $200
Price for refinish: $225.00 Sale: $185

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Removable rails tend to mar/scratch up the MP5 receiver’s finish. Because of this, it’s generally recommended to keep it on (or off) permanently. Constantly removing and reattaching the mount may also strip the threads on the hooks.

A major advantage to a rail when mounting a scope is the amount of surface area the shooter has to mount the optics. With a removable claw mount, if you cannot get the correct eye relief, you need to use an extension base. With a welded rail, you can simply move to a different slot.


  • No need to mess with claw mounts or prawls (MFI style) and would be the lowest profile, cleanest looking option.
  • The rail adds weight, and adding weight reduces recoil and increases accuracy by providing additional stability.


  • It’s there to stay.
  • There will be a certain group of HK fans that might shy away from buying it because of the welded rail.

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